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Tomato, Brad's Atomic Grape

Raise your hand if you are amongst the people who loves tomatoes!

Aside from its numerous benefits, Brad’s Atomic Grape Tomato is definitely one of the primary needs when it comes to cooking. It can be simmered and turn into sauces, dips, soups and a lot more. Tomatoes are definitely a must in your garden!

We’ve included some easy and simple tips to help you grow your own tomato.

How to Grow and Harvest Atomic Grape Tomatoes?

It is said that you can start growing your atomic grape tomato indoors. Grow them inside your house in 4 to 8 weeks before last frost. It will germinate in 3 to 10 days and will mature in 75 days. It will grow 2 to 7 centimeters in length and is elongated and has a slight curved end. You know it’s ripe when it becomes soft and red in color. You can grow them in a 5-gallon container or larger and transfer them when ready. Spaces to each other should be 24 to 36 inches apart. Liquid fertilizers or compost tea can be used and water them to thin it out so it doesn’t burn your tomatoes. It prefers to have a full sun and rich garden soil. You’ll know it’s ready to be harvested when it turns into bright red in color. Keep them in your kitchen’s countertop instead of storing them into the fridge.

Pests/Insects and Diseases

Like other plants, tomatoes can also experience insect problems such as:

  • Cutworms
  • Slugs
  • Snails

It also encounters some diseases especially in the heat of summer. Fungus infections and blossom end rot are some of the diseases your tomato may experience. Make sure to water your tomatoes regularly to keep the soil moist but not wet. Water acts like a calcium that is being absorbed by the roots and makes it healthier to fight against diseases. Do not be afraid of using insecticide soap because it can help with the prevention.

Atomic Grape Tomato, A Healthier Snack!

We are endorsing atomic grape tomatoes as a new healthy way of eating your favorite snacks. It comes with a lot of health benefits and can be eaten raw, just make sure to wash them before eating. It is perfect for pasta or taco salad, drizzle with your favorite dressing. Can be included in your meat wrapped in tortillas or lettuce leaves. But the best of all is sauté them!

What’s in it for You?

1 pack contains 15 seeds. Just right for someone who is starting to eat healthy and be healthy! Perfect for a do-it-yourself garden, doesn’t matter if it is wide or not because healthy food shouldn’t be expensive!