Spinach, Malabar Red SM


Strictly Medicinal


Family Owned

and Operated

Hardy to zone 9 to 13, otherwise grown as an annual, producing edible leaves in as few as 55 days.

Perennial climbing vine native to Africa and Southwestern India (the Malabar coast).  This red cultivar is choice–leaves decorative, flowers like strings of creamy pearls, berries deeply purple and juicy.  Very quick-growing heat-tolerant spinach substitute. The taste is very mellow, and the leaves are pleasantly mucilaginous and very smooth in salads.  Can be consumed fresh or lightly steamed as an agreeable vegetable that is high in vitamins. Plant prefers full sun and moist garden soil.  Soak seed overnight in warm water and sow in the spring, either in the greenhouse or in the garden.  Germinates in 10 to 15 days at 68 degrees F.  Provide trellis or allow to sprangle.

5 seeds/pkt. 

Certified Organically Grown