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Mellow Star Hybrid Shishito Pepper Seeds

Mellow Star Shishito Pepper Hybrid

Mellow Star Pepper is a shishito type of chile pepper known for heavily wrinkled fruits. They have a very mild flavor and are green in color, although they can turn red if left on the plant long enough. The peppers grow 3 ½ to 4 inches long.

Shishio pepper plants are a warm-season annual that needs to be planted in well-drained, fertile soils. They can survive as biennials in tropical regions.

Packet size: 10 seeds

Growing Tips

  • Sow seeds in grow trays 8 weeks before your average last frost date. 
  • Pepper seeds germinate best with soil temperatures at 80-90°F. 
  • A seed starting mat and humidity dome will maintain soil temperatures and ensure optimal germination
  • Transplant seedlings to larger containers after their first true leaf appears. 
  • Delay transplanting outdoors until temperatures reach approximately 70°F during the day and a minimum night temperature of 60°F.


Seedlings should not be transplanted outdoors until at least 2 weeks after the average last frost date for your area.

Plants should be 12-18" apart in rows 24-36" apart. Plants grown in containers should be spaced in two rows 18" apart. Deeply water transplants using a high phosphorus solution.

Cold Weather Protection

Using a reflective ground cover such as black plastic mulch, especially when combined with lightweight fabric row covers over wire hoops, helps to buffer the elements and increase the chances of an early harvest.

Prevent blossom drop and heat damage by removing row covers on sunny days when the temperatures are above 85°F.

Controlling Insect Pests

Cutworms can be a problem for pepper plants when they are young, tender seedlings. Cutworms can be controlled with Bacillus thuringiensis, or with sleeves made of toilet paper rolls placed over the stems of seedlings.

Most other pepper pests such as aphids and flea beetles can be controlled organically with spinosad or cold-pressed neem oil.

Controlling Disease Organically

There are primarily two diseases that are most common on pepper plants: bacterial spot and Phytophthora. The easiest way to treat these problems is through prevention.

  1. Water plants with drip irrigation to prevent moisture from sitting on leaves.
  2. Mulch around the base of plants to prevent soil-borne fungal spores from splashing onto plants.
  3. Space plants to allow ample airflow between plants.
  4. Plant in well-drained soils to reduce risks associated with growing in moist environments.

You can also encourage plant health by minimizing compaction of the soil and following a 4-year crop rotation.

Rotten or spoiled spots on the bottoms of mature peppers are often caused by blossom end rot. This is often caused by a calcium deficiency in the soil or excessive watering. Prevent blossom end rot by amending the soil with compost and providing regular, consistent watering.

Excess nitrogen in the soil can cause big bushy plants with few peppers. This is common if you tend to fertilize with a lot of composted animal manure. Mix your composted manure with more brown matter such as wood chips and dry leaves.

You may also experience decreased flower production if the temperatures were extremely hot or cold during the flowering period.

Other reasons for poor flower or pepper production can be from tarnished plant bug injury or the growing of late producing pepper varieties that are poorly adapted to your growing season.

Harvesting and Storage

Pick mellow start peppers when they are3 ½ to 4 inches long. Frequenty harvesting will encourage further fruit set.

Wash peppers promptly after harvesting and hold at 45°F and 95% relative humidity.

Ways to Eat Shishito Peppers

Shishito peppers are popular in Japan where the thin-walled peppers work well for tempura.

Shishito peppers are also good when they are roasted, in stir-fries, or sautéed in oil and soy sauce.

In Asia, people often cook their fruits green. Red fruits can be thinly sliced and used raw in salads and coleslaw.

Mellow Star Shishito Peppers are a high-yielding Japanese variety that will produce an abundance of peppers throughout the growing season. This hybrid can produce fruits as early as 60 days from transplanting for green peppers and 80 days for red peppers.

Mellow Star Shishito Peppers are great eaten raw or cooked and can be organically grown. Get started on this new hybrid variety today.


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