Okra, Clemson Spineless SM
Strictly Medicinal

Okra, Clemson Spineless SM

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(Clemson Spineless Okra, Bhindi, Bamia, Gumbo)  Bushy perennial to 3 feet tall, native to Africa.  The immature pods are rich in mucilage and are excellent in soup and “gumbo.”  If making soup, add the chopped okra last, simmer 10 minutes, then remove from heat and allow mucilage to set.  Yum.  The pods may also be braised or stir-fried–very tasty! Clemson spineless produces dark green pods that are best picked when young and tender (less than 3 inches long).   Plant prefers full sun, is heat and drought resistant, and will even grow in clay soils, although we found that it responded well to our loamy soil and applications of organic compost.  Soak seeds overnight in warm water and plant in pots or direct seed in the garden after the soil has really warmed up.  Thin or transplant to 1 foot apart.

Packet contains 20 seeds

Packaged for 2020

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