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Melon, Satuma Ohnaga Bitter

Hailing from the scenic bay area of the southwestern tip of Kyushu Island, Japan, which is known for producing some of the finest bitter melons. This is an ideal bitter melon for making into tea or for cooking.

Exceptionally long and slender fruit is delicious sliced and stir fried; the bitter melon’s potent superfood powers are most appreciated when paired with mellow flavors like cooked garlic and beans.

This bitter melon will produce tons of snake-like fruit on long vines and is a prolific and healthful addition to the kitchen garden. 16-18 inches long and matures 60-70 days from sowing. The color is light green, tending to lighten to a white-green at the tip, and the tear-drop bumps and ridges sometimes spiral around the long fruit. Nutritious fruit contain almost as much vitamin C as citrus!

Minimum Seed Count: 10

Image and description courtesy Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds/

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