Green Apple, Mutsu (Crispin)
Sumter County 4-H

Green Apple, Mutsu (Crispin)

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The ‘Mutsu' or Crispin is a medium to large green apple with flesh varying in color from white to greenish yellow. It can be round, conical, or oblong, and have unequal sides. It is generally not uniform in shape or size. The russetting on a 'Mutsu' apple covers little to none of the skin and when it is present is light gray to brown.

'Mutsu' is aromatic, sweet, and sharp, with juicy flesh. It is suitable for eating on its own, juicing, drying, or cooking, as it maintains its shape well when cooked. It can be kept for up to three months before going bad.

All proceeds go to Sumter County 4-H. 

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