Container, CowPots

Container, CowPots

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This innovative product is the most environmentally friendly container on the market. CowPots transplanting pots are made from odor-free, 100% composted cow manure. Fully decomposable CowPots feature natural soil-conditioning fertilizers and can be planted directly into the soil to grow sturdier, healthier plants without adding plastic containers to your local landfill. Easy to handle and absolutely odor-free and non-toxic. 

Additional benefits of using CowPots:

  • Can do directly into the soil with the plants
  • Adds soil-conditioning natural nutrients to your garden
  • Are convenient and time-saving
  • Are easy to handle, odor-free and non-toxic
  • Reduces non-recyclable plastics
  • Lessens the dependence on foreign oil
  • Reduces municipal waste
  • Promotes recycling of agricultural waste to horticultural benefit

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