Bean Pole, Rattlesnake Cowpea SM - 2019
Strictly Medicinal

Bean Pole, Rattlesnake Cowpea SM - 2019

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This heirloom black-eyed pea comes from a strain of hooked, climbing peas that originated in West Africa and was brought to the US during the slave trade of the 17th century.  Nitrogen-fixing covercrop, excellent forage, and beans that are good eaten fresh or dried.  I planted these in my Zone 7 garden and they frosted before they made beans.  The production of vines for forage was excellent, and the soil beneath the plants was improved.  However, if you are after the beans, this crop is best for Southern US and tropics.

20 seeds/pkt

open pollinated, untreated, NO GMO’s

Packaged for 2019

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