Baker Creek

Amaranth, Chinese Multicolor Spinach

Soak up the summer with these heat and drought tolerant greens. 

Growing leafy greens in the heat of summer is difficult, especially when you enjoy the rich flavor of fresh spinach. We all know that summer is a great time to grow vegetables, but it can be hard when heat and drought causes salad greens to bolt and die.

Chinese Multicolor Spinach Amaranth is a perfect solution! Unlike other greens like spinach and lettuce, edible amaranth is heat and drought tolerant- it stays fresh and vibrant all summer long while other greens have bolted. The young leaves make a perfect substitute for spinach, intricately colored leaves are juicy and succulent. It's also great as an addition to soups or stews because of its mild flavor profile.

Stay fresh and juicy this summer with heat & drought tolerant Chinese Multicolor Spinach amaranth. Young leaves can be harvested 30-40 days from sowing, making it the perfect spinach substitute. The intricately colored leaves are a treat for salads.

(100 seeds)

Image and description courtesy Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds/