These seedlings are currently available and ready to be planted in your garden. Quantities are limited and are available on a first-come basis. Visit us at an upcoming market to see our current selection.



Acorn SquashEbony3.5″ pot
Bush BeansGold Rush4-pack
Bush BeansProvider4-pack
Bush BeansRoyal Burgundy4-pack
Bush BeansTavera4-pack
Cat GrassOat4.5″ pot
CilantroCoriander4.5″ pot
CucumberHomemade Pickle3.5″ pot
CucumberMarketmore3.5″ pot
CucumberTasty Green3.5″ pot
DillBouquet4.5″ pot
EdamameChiba Green4-pack
Garlic Chives4.5″ pot
LettuceFreckled Romaine3.5″ pot
LettuceManoa3.5″ pot
MelonHa Ogen3.5″ pot
Oregano4.5″ pot
PasleyFlat Leaf4.5″ pot
PumpkinSmall Sugar3.5″ pot
SquashEarly Prolific Straightneck3.5″ pot
SquashVegetable Spaghetti3.5″ pot
SquashYellow Scallop3.5″ pot
StrawberriesRadiance3.5″ pot
Swiss ChardFordhook3.5″ pot
Swiss ChardPerpetual Spinach3.5″ pot
TomatoAce3.5″ pot
TomatoAmena’s Orange3.5″ pot
TomatoAmish Paste3.5″ pot
TomatoAunt Ruby Green3.5″ pot
TomatoBeefsteak3.5″ pot
TomatoBlack Cherry3.5″ pot
TomatoBlack Icicle3.5″ pot
TomatoBlack Krim3.5″ pot
TomatoCaspian Pink3.5″ pot
TomatoCherokee Purple3.5″ pot
TomatoFlorade3.5″ pot
TomatoGerman Pink3.5″ pot
TomatoGold Metal3.5″ pot
TomatoGreen Zebra3.5″ pot
TomatoGreman Johnson3.5″ pot
TomatoHillbilly Flame3.5″ pot
TomatoHomestead3.5″ pot
TomatoHungarian Heart3.5″ pot
TomatoMortgage Lifeter3.5″ pot
TomatoPink Oxheart3.5″ pot
TomatoRoma3.5″ pot
TomatoRutgers3.5″ pot
TomatoSan Marzano3.5″ pot
TomatoSweetie3.5″ pot
TomatoTommy Toe3.5″ pot
WatermelonMountain Sweet Yellow3.5″ pot
WatermelonSugar Baby3.5″ pot
ZucchiniBlack Beauty3.5″ pot

Updated March 29, 2019


We also offer high quality, certified organic seeds from Botanical Interests.