Lavender is a kind of plant mainly used for culinary purposes. Lavender derived from the Latin word “lavare”, meaning “to wash”. It is commonly grown in Northern Africa and Mediterranean mountains to be extracted as essential oils. It is best known for its strong aroma and lavender blue spikes. Used as an herb but is essential to gardens where it can sway elegantly in the breeze along with other flowers. Due to its wide variety, you might get overwhelmed by what is perfect for your garden. Lavender receives so much love from the gardeners because of its wide use. It blooms in spring or early summer and since it is perennial, it will definitely last long under the right conditions. It can tolerate any conditions but they grow well in warm soil and full sun. It is perfect to be planted along pathways and borders, rock gardens and even in beds. Even after being dried, lavender can still keep its beautiful color and elegant smell. Can be used as a decoration at home, included in a bouquet of flowers, sachets, potpourri and some choose to add it on their drinks as a garnish. Others use it as an ingredient to cosmetics, shampoo and even perfumes. It is said that Romans used it to scent the water of their baths, clothes and even their beds.

Whatever you decide to use lavender with, it truly brings so much joy to someone who sees and smells it. Growing it is easy and somehow rewarding.