Calendula Seed Packets

Calendulas, which are sometimes called pot marigolds, are an excellent addition to any garden or flowerbed because they brighten up the space with their vibrant colors while providing many health benefits when eaten.

If you're adopting a natural approach to gardening, then consider adding calendula plants along with your vegetables. They attract helpful insects while repelling undesirable pests.

Calendula plants are easy to grow and require little maintenance once they're established in your garden. Calendulas are a good choice for beginning gardeners because they're hardy and drought-tolerant.

Calendulas are native to the Mediterranean area, but they may be grown almost anywhere in the world. They can grow in a variety of climates, but do best when planted during the cool months of spring and fall.

Calendula blooms are prized for their bright, sunny colors and long blooming time. The petals are edible and have been used in salads, sauces, and as a garnish on desserts. Its petals are often dried to create herbal teas or infused into oils for use in skincare products.

Calendula is also an effective companion plant that attracts pollinators while discouraging pests like aphids from attacking nearby crops.

What is a Calendula Flower

Sometimes referred to as a Pot Marigold, the Calendula is occasionally used as an herb in cooking or for medicinal purposes. The plant belongs to the Asteraceae family and it has flowers that look like a Gerbera Daisy or Strawflower, not the more commonly known yellow flower that is often associated with Marigolds.

Why Should You Grow Calendula?

Calendula flowers are bright and beautiful, adding aesthetic value to any garden. They also have many medicinal properties.

More specifically, it's been known to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help those with conditions such as arthritis. The plant also provides a rich source of antioxidants and other natural phytochemicals that can provide health benefits for those who consume them as well as those who just happen to step on the calendula petals.

Calendula flowers often win awards at flower shows because of their bright colors and long blooming time.

The calendula flower is enjoyed by all for its beauty and taste, so why not try planting a few in your own garden?

Tips for Growing Calendula from Seed

To get calendulas to germinate on your windowsill or in pots, you need a few things.

First, you'll need calendula seeds. We've made things easier for you, which is why we make certain we have the best Calendula seeds available.

Calendula is a low-maintenance plant that thrives under plenty of sunshine and loose soil. When sowing seeds, just press them into the ground no more than 1/4". Keep the soil moist until they germinate.

When the seedlings are about two inches tall, generally ten days after planting your seeds, you must thin out the plants to one seedling every 12-16".

The blossoms are most beautiful when temperatures drop in the fall or winter with little humidity. Deadhead spent blooms by trimming them off of the plant. They will reward you with new growth and blooms.

Benefits of Planting Calendula in Your Vegetable Garden

Calendula plants thrive in the vegetable garden. They are an excellent companion for cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, carrots, asparagus, and early spring salad vegetables.

Calendula is a beneficial insect magnet and pest repeller in the garden since it attracts helpful insects and repels undesirable pests like tomato hornworms and harmful soil-borne nematodes.

If you're adopting a "natural" approach to gardening, then you should consider planting calendulas with your vegetables.

Why Buy Seeds From Kitchen Botanicals

At Kitchen Botanicals, we sell seeds from open-pollinated, organically grown calendula varieties. These are heirloom seeds that can be harvested and planted year after year. Our Calendula seeds are Non-GMO and Untreated -- they will produce beautiful Calendula plants for your home year after year.

All our seeds are packaged in quantities to meet customer needs and ship in bubble mailer envelopes or small boxes at the lowest possible cost. Free economy shipping is available on all orders over $50+.